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  • New PA-X report on business and peace agreements.
  • PA-X research cited in the UN Security Council open debate on women, peace and security. See the full UN Secretary-General report here.
  • New PA-X reports on power-sharing, statebuilding, and peace agreement implementation.
  • Latest blog post by Lucy Havens explaining how to use the exciting new Visualizing Peace live site. 
  • Missed the PA-X Edinburgh launch? You can now watch 'The Inclusion Project: Human Rights Dilemmas in the Negotiation of Peace Agreements' here.
  • Happy 20th birthday Belfast Agreement: see here for visualisations of NI peace process.
  • PA-X launched at the British Academy: see here for more details.
  • Praise for PA-X. See here for some notable endorsements.

The present version of PA-X is being continuously amended and updated to account for ongoing peace processes and new agreements. We hope to launch PA-X V2 towards the end of the year and welcome any feedback, comments, suggestions or new agreements. Get in touch at

Explore research from PA-X

Explore research from PA-X.

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